Services of E-portal

E-portal of the University provides services for students, faculty members, administrators, and society for example:

First: Services of E-portal for Undergraduates and Postgraduates

  •  Students Assessment for Education

  •  Complaints of Students

  • Study Regulations

  • Study Schedules

  •  Schedules of exams

  •  Models of answers

  •  Results of exams

  •  Models from Questions and Answers

  •  Enrollment for University Cities

  •  Digital Library

  • Transfers between Faculties and Departments

  • E-courses

  • Educational e-mail

  •  Student activities

  •  Registration for Master’s Degree and Doctorate

Second: Services of E-portal for Faculty Members

  •  Evaluation of Master’s and Doctoral Theses

  •  Digital Library

  •  E-courses

  •  Conferences and Workshops

  • Educational e-mail

  • Private site for faculty member includes the CV, published researches, courses that taught by faculty member, and supervision of theses and academic activities

  •  Education Assessment

  •  Requests of Mandate and Secondment

  •  Models of Academic Guidance