Benha University - E-Portal


E-portal is a means of communication between databases of the University, its faculties, and beneficiaries whether they are from faculty members, administration, students, or visitors to provide electronic, administrative, and educational services.

E-portal Project

E-portal is one of projects that funded by ICTP, Ministry of Higher Education. This project relies on the use of best technologies and available software to increase cooperation and communication between the various faculties of the University and other universities. E-portal provides many services for faculty members, administration, students, or visitors to achieve the vision and mission of the University.


The Projects aims to
1.       Connect the University with society through providing distinguished e-services and disseminating news and activities of the University and its faculties.
2.       Enhance the quality in education by disseminating the educational programs and courses as well as automating courses assessment system.
3.       Automate the application forms through e-portal by Workflow.
4.      Raise the level of organization to provide consumed resources.
5.      Organize the work and provide electronic administration to utilize the skills of administrators in the field of work.
6.       Connect the University with Internet.